Sustainability / The Environment

We have a mission statement

We are both a small business and an active artistic practice, we are very lucky to be based in the heart of one of the most beautiful coastal environments in the British Isles. Like so many people and businesses in-and-around Salcombe, we are committed to the small amount we can do to play our part in the stewardship of this part of this vital coastal community and its rich maritime heritage.

We are also working hard to reduce our environmental impact and to move steadily towards positive steps to build environmental and economic resilience.


Our Practices:

Energy – Our power is supplied by Good Energy which provides us with 100% renewable energy Sun, wind, water and biogen from their community of 1,900 independent generating businesses in the UK.

As well as ensuring our sustainable power supply we have also endeavored to minimize our demand for power by installing water-saving showers and taps throughout, and by ensuring that the building conversion to create Whinfield incorporated a strategy of highly efficient insulation throughout the building envelope.

Food – Where possible we source Organic produce, however, we do give preference to ‘local’ food production over organic produce that has either a large carbon footprint due to travel distance, or due to high energy use out-of-season produce.

Packaging – We continue to explore the options for sustainable packaging and products. We call on our providers both in terms of products for our B&B and our Art practices to move to recycled or other forms of packaging.

Shower room personal soap products and general cleaning materials – We have sourced ‘Faith in Nature’ products for our guests to use. Our in-house general cleaning products are sourced from Ecover wherever possible.

Charitable Initiatives – We are in the process of working with ‘Work for Good’ to create a business bridge to the Marine Conservation Society to make regular business donations from our B&B income. The MCS is a UK charity who work to protect the oceans’ environmental health and wellbeing and endorse and support the sustainable fishing industries that Salcombe is an important part of. We also support the charities ‘Friends of the Earth’, the ‘St Mungo’s trust’ and ‘The Big Issue Foundation’.

Whinfields B&B near Salcombe and Kingsbridge